Ten Must-Know Messages About High Speed DC Brushless Motor

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Micro high speed brushless DC motors have attracted more and more attention from customers in high-precision applications.Many high-end medical and precision industrial instruments use high-speed brushless motors. According to the actual requirements of customers,ConstarMicromotor summarized 10 messages about the high attention of customers of micro DC high speed BLDC motors.

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  What exactly is a high-speed brushless DC motor?

  The answer to this question can be found on the Internet. High speed is the biggest difference from ordinary low speed motors. Most of them more than 10,000 rpm and can be regarded as high speed motors. However, according to customer requirements in recent years, many of the required speeds have risen to more than 40,000rpm.Even high-speed motors with more than 100,000 rpm are also used by customers,this kind of brushless motor should be ultra-high-speed brushless motor.

  Ten messages to know about micro DC high speed brushless motor:

  1. Speed

  More and more motors are used with 40,000 rpm, 55,000 rpm, and 60,000 rpm.


  Most of them are DC 24v, 32v, 36v motors.


  More motors with Hall sensors are required.

  4.Number of Pole Pairs

  Generally 1 pair of poles

  5.Speed Adjustment

  The external brushless driver controls the motor.


  High efficiency, maximum efficiency: >90%. Low loss, small temperature rise during intermittent operation.

  7.High and Low Temperature Resistance

  Good resistance to high and low temperature, standard product working temperature -20℃ ~ 85℃, customized product can reach -40℃ ~ 150℃.


  Used in medical equipment, industrial equipment, electric vehicles, etc.


  The unit price of this type of high speed BLDC motor is generally higher. You can check the unit price of Maxon motors for reference. The unit price of domestic motor manufacturers is lower, and the performance can be similar.


  There are not many companies doing this kind of high-speed brushless motors in China. The main reason is the R&D technical strength and the ability to be mass-produced. The mature small motor industry in Guangdong is mainly concentrated around Shenzhen.


  The above is a little bit of information shared by Constar about high speed brushless DC motors. I hope it can help users who need to use this type of high-speed motors to understand more. We have always insisted on doing one thing well.


  For special instructions, this article is the original site: high speed brushless DC motor.Please note if reprinting: this paper is transferred from Constar Micromotor.


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