Breathing mask motor: New application of brushless motor in medical protection products

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In 2020, the Novel Coronavirus epidemic appeared, the transmission is strong and the death rate is high. How to prevent and how to treat have become the common problem faced by the world medical community. Wearing masks has become a necessary measure to prevent pneumonia. Automated breathing mask, respirators and sealed protective clothing have become new projects for many medical manufacturers, and many customers have asked us to cooperate with the provision of brushless motors. The breathing mask motor program developed by Constar has been approved by customers through testing and has been realized the mass production. 

What kind of motor is suitable for breathing mask?

Small in volume: breathing mask products are wore on the face and head, and the structural space is limited, so the volume must be small. 

Long in life: This breathing mask product in clinical use, whether it is for a patient’s first aid or a doctor’s protection, requires a long time to wear. 

Low in noise: The user experience can be very poor if the noise generated by the motor’s rotation is relatively loud. 

Light in weight: Lightweight is also a requirement of customer’s choice, hoping to increase user comfort of wearing. 

Performance parameter features of brushless motor of breathing mask

We design the micro DC brushless motor according to the requirements of medical customers. The diameter is 10mm-13mm and the length is 15mm-20mm. The products are small in size, light in weight and convenient for customers to design more portable breathing mask. Motor has passed the customer test requirements in the noise and lifetime, and low voltage of 3.4V-7.5V also meet customer expectations in respect of power consumption. 

At present, a number of old customers of our company are in the development of breathing mask products. Welcome the medical factory with the need of breathing mask motor to visit the field. 


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