[Sonic Toothbrush Motor] Four elements of motor selection in the design of electric toothbrush

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People start to pay attention to the care of teeth under the trend of   the consumption upgrade. Related oral care products are also gradually emerging in the market, and rapidly developed and popularized. Sonic electric toothbrush is one of the most representative categories. Many enterprises want to enter the electric toothbrush industry for a share. The sonic motor is the main driving parts of the electric toothbrush. How to choose the right motor is particularly critical. Below, our engineers will share several important factors for the choice of electric toothbrush motor

Four elements of sonic motor selection: 

  1. Specification

At present, the market mainstream electric toothbrush can be divided into two categories: adult and children. First, do well in the target market positioning. Because the specification of the motor determines the thickness design of the handle. Constar currently has 14 mm, 16 mm,18 mm, 20 mm and 27 mm diameter motors for choosing from. 

 2. Frequency

One of the major features of sonic motor is high frequency. Many people think that the higher the frequency of electric toothbrush, the better the effect of electric toothbrushes. In fact, it is not the case. A very important point is the human experience. Because of the structure and design problems, the frequency of each sonic motor is different, and the appropriate frequency of vibration is between 166-666 Hz (10000-37,000 times/ minute). 

3. Noise

There will be some noise when using sonic toothbrush. The experience will be very poor if the sound is excessive when using. Noise is mainly determined by the design structure of the motor. Constar Sonic Motor adopts double ball bearing structure. There is no shrapnel resonance sound, and the noise is low. 

  4. Lifetime

The service life of sonic motor directly affects the market sales volume and brand effect of electric toothbrush. At present many manufacturers have launched sonic motor. They are good or bad, and it’s hard to distinguish between true or false. Good toothbrush motor should have a minimum of nearly 500H service life. The theoretical life of our newly designed motor is up to 2000H. 

The above is a simple description of the four elements of the selection of sonic toothbrush motor. Hope it can help the friends who want to produce electric toothbrush.

Our sonic motor has been patented, with complete specifications. The performance can be customized according to customer requirements, to help customers stand out in the market of electric toothbrush.



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